Revealing the secrets of women that you may know: You're Invited

Revealing the secrets of women that you may know: You're Invited

July 27, 2018

Get ready! Live crowdfunding event on August 23.

I am super excited that Woven Hair is featured in the documentary, Head to Head.  The film exposes the unregulated hair industry and inspires women to reveal their reality around hair loss. Tens of millions of women experience hair loss from cancer, Alopecia and Lupus and are forced to redefine who they are. The film explores the cosmetic and medical aspects of the human hair industry and its supply chain.  It also follows individuals from around the world (including yours truly!) who are impacting and impacted by this multi-billion dollar industry in one way or another.

The film informs viewers of the myriad of ways in which thousands of women handle this very personal issue of involuntary hair loss.  It might even inspire thinking around what secrets (small or big) we choose to keep hidden from the world and how it impacts our daily lives…

The three sisters behind this film have produced it independently. Now they need to build a team of masterful experts and influencers to finish the documentary and build an impactful outreach campaign.

The event will be a space for us to talk about our own hang-ups. What could you do if there was nothing to hide? What would the day look like if you were celebrated for your differences? What if you were inspired, and not isolated, for being the "other” in one way or another?

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, grab your tickets now, it will be a very fun and inspiring evening!

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