Ocean Wave Wefts

  • Ocean Wave is a loose and light wave, perfect for a gorgeous natural flow and can be used for sew-ins and micro bead extensions. This wefted hair can be worn to enhance naturally wavy hair or create waves in straighter hair. Ocean Wave works for naturally straight or wavy textures. For the most natural results, we recommend combing through while wet and air-dry or blow-dry on low heat.

Length Guide

Ocean Wave Length Chart

Natural Virgin Brown
Chestnut Brown
Ash Blonde

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Finally, hair you can trust!

If you're into sustainability, our virgin and remy extensions are a great investment because of their superior quality. Our hair stays tangle-free and retains its radiance for up to 24 months when well maintained. This means your styles can stay cuter for much, much longer - it's a win-win!

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