At Woven, nothing is more important to us than transparency in all that we do. Our mission is to be the reliable and trusted source of quality hair to women who care about where it comes from.   

We realize there are many interpretations of the term ethical and it can be used in many ways. To us, it means changing things that you have the power to change, questioning the status quo and doing better whenever possible. We practice this at every step of the way and only partner with those who feel and act in the same manner.  

Change starts with one. We see some major issues with the way things are done in the hair industry. We aim to raise awareness and serve as a catalyst for a broader industry transformation that adopts more ethical standards. There’s no doubt that there is still a lot of work to be done but we have to start somewhere, why not here?

“For every piece of hair purchased, a woman who needs hair is being helped.”

Stellar Culture and Products

Earth-Friendly Practices

Giving Back

Woven takes pride in the ethical sourcing of its products. We strictly obtain our hair from temples, who in turn use the proceeds to invest in local schools, community centers and infrastructure projects.

Excess donated hair from the temples is no longer piled up or burned but is rather recycled for many uses. Our packaging is also 100% organic material, eco-friendly, handmade by Woven and reusable.

A portion of each purchase goes to fund the creation of high quality wigs for those who need but cannot afford them. Additionally, we ensure that our international processing counterparts are engaged in fair and compassionate business practices.

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