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“It’s about options, choice, and being able to decide how you want to look. That’s what Woven stands for.”

Hair is kind of a big deal. It’s a bigger deal when you don’t have it. I know because when I was twenty-two years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and confronted with the fact that I would lose my hair from chemotherapy. I set out to find a wig that could help restore a sense of normalcy to my life, something that felt like me. It didn’t take long to realize that finding an affordable, natural, youthful wig was mission impossible. The quality wigs I found either cost a fortune or were suited for someone far older. The affordable wigs were either poor quality, made of a synthetic material, or completely gray, none of which captured the look I was going for, simply me. The emotional side effects of cancer may come secondary, but they were ever present and I believe self-confidence plays a big part in physical healing.

Through this process I also learned I am not alone. So many other women - all ages and backgrounds - experience similar frustrations everyday, be it cancer, other forms of hair loss, like Alopecia, or simply looking for a way to protect or enhance their own hair. Why shouldn’t women feel free of stress or, hey, even excited when looking for alternative hair solutions?

Margot Greer founded Woven after experiencing first hand the difficulties of finding a quality, natural looking wig while undergoing chemotherapy. In addition to the lack of options, wigs (or cranial prosthetics) are prohibitively expensive and most often not covered by insurance. Too often, women in need of a wig are forced to sacrifice quality for affordability.

That’s where Woven comes in. A portion of each and every purchase from Woven is dedicated to funding the creation of high quality wigs and hair pieces for women that need but cannot afford them. Our goal is to help women feel confident and beautiful without the hefty price tag. We seek to help others experiencing this struggle - whether due to chemo or other involuntary hair loss - by alleviating the financial burden associated with obtaining a high quality wig.  

Whether you have hair or not can mean the difference between feeling good and feeling like someone else. We believe that it is possible to have it all, and we feel Women should have the freedom to move through the world with confidence, feeling as great on the outside as they do on the inside. Whether your hair is short, long, kinky, or curly, or not there at all you should feel like you.

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